Through several different processes, Anaron offers custom printing on many of our products. We specialize in silk-screen printing on swim caps and garments, but also offer heat transferred logos onto swim suits for a long lasting approach.

Custom printing

customprintingSilk-screen printing is the process of pushing ink through the unblocked areas of a fine screen onto a surface. This method is used for all our swim caps, many of our textile products and on kickboards.

The process—after the artwork is approved it is printed onto acetate sheets and sent to the burn table. Each screen is coated with light sensitive emulsion that hardens after exposure. The artwork is placed between the light source and the screen, therefore protecting sections of the screen. After the unexposed emulsion is removed, the screen resembles a stencil where the ink can freely flow through the unprotected areas.


All of our swim-caps can be ordered without any custom printing. The caps are simply packed on top of one another and shipped to you lickety-split.

Heat transfers

heattransfersA heat transfer is achieved by applying a stretchy vinyl to a garment by way of hot press. This process is used only on textile products.

The process—after the artwork is simplified on the computer it is cut out using a CAD machine. When all the logos are cut from the vinyl, the extra is weeded away. The hot press clamps down onto the garment and logo heating them for a few seconds, adhering the vinyl to the garment. The backing is removed and the garment is ready to be shipped.